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Application Shortcut Widget for Android is an application that has several purposes. Program Shortcut Widget for Android is also a Favorite when people gather in one place, easy navigation and simple, fast when in use settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Accounts, Battery. besides having a multi-functional features, applications for Android Shortcut Widget also features an elegant, dynamic and certainly not boring. Because Shortcut Widget application for Android OS is designed for users of Android, so only use a mobile or a tersupport by OS android who can enjoy this application.

Instructions for use of application shortcut widgets android:
Instructions: To Add Widget Do: Menu-> Add-> Widgets-> Shortcuts from the home screen.

Application Shortcut Widget for Android also provides features that can be integrated with facebook.com. make sure your mobile network connected to the Internet. This feature provides a program that can be connected with facebok.com. you do not bother installing the application up on your mobile, simply use the application for Android Shortcut Widget you can connect with friends on Facebook you. but only for mobile tersupport by the Android OS.
Application Shortcut Widget for Android also provides other features, such as providing a feature to tranlate to discuss China.

Translated into:
- Chinese (Simplified)
- Chinese (Traditional)

Banner ads require all adaperizinan (Internet, Phone Call and the State).

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Recent changes made producers Shortcut Widget application for Android:
Translated into:
- Chinese (Simplified)
- Chinese (Traditional)

- Fixed some bugs
- A better optimization
- Ad form

The latest version offered by the manufacturer Shortcut Widget applications for Android has been only up to version 2.4. manufacturers until now update version, but do not worry there will the latest changes made producers Shortcut Widget application for Android. This application tersupport by Using Mobile OS Android. Latest version: 2.4 (for the Android version 2.1 and higher)
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