Android latest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwiches

Android is always named after the meal (desert), starting from the "Cupcake", "Donut", "Eclair", "Froyo" (Frozen Yogurt), and "Gingerbread" while "Honeycomb" is used for the Android version of the tablet.
Although Google has not officially announced a name for the upcoming Android OS, but when we see the sequential order of names of the alphabet C - H then the next alphabet used was I.
Tudor Brown's leadership ARM vendors inadvertently naming the next Android OS is "Ice Cream", and last month the launch of the Mobile Google Nexus S, Google does not officially mention the same code name.
Later in the Android Issue Tracker site, one of Android developers also leaked the name of "Ice Cream Sandwich" as the next Android OS.

Upcoming Android OS (Android Icecream) is a combination of features and Honeycomb Gingerbread scheduled to be released in June or July 2011 and will likely be announced at the event Google I / O Conference dated May 10, 2011.
Update May 11, 2011: Google has officially announced the name of the next Android Android Ice Cream Sandwiches will be able to run well in the smartphone or tablet. It was not clear whether the Ice Cream will be called version 2.4 or 4.0
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