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Myibidder Sniper eBay auction sniper is an application of the offer that allows you to bid on eBay auctions by placing the supply of the final seconds.

Category: Shopping
Latest version: 0.9.0
Total versions: 2
Submitted: 8 Apr 2011
Updated: 24 May 2011

EBay bid Sniper Myibidder (aka eBay Auction Sniper Myibidder) allows users to bid on eBay auctions by placing the final seconds to increase the supply of chances to win the point.

No need to see more auctions just set a snipe and let Sniper do the work for you.

The application uses the snipers service to publish your Snipes eBay, so you can turn off or unplug the phone once you have programmed your bid. The service is completely free - no monthly fees, no auction fees, nothing.

This application is currently in Beta, is a proof of concept testing and design the user interface. However, it is able to place real snipe eBay listings for real.

There are some errors here and there, but should not affect snipers.

Make sure you have at least 3-4 minutes before the auction ends when scheduling your bid.

By using the must agree to the following terms:

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Myibidder Auction Sniper for eBay 0.9.0 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Myibidder Auction Sniper for eBay 0.9.0:
- Added "Import Watching List" and "Import Bidding List"
- Some minor cleanups to preserve memory
- This is still Beta version in testing stage
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