Google TV 2.0 Adds Access Android Market

Google has announced version 2.0 of its Google TV software, provides an experience of honeycomb Android flavor to the table.

In addition to the new password in the configuration of Google TV is the Android Market, but not all applications are supported for obvious reasons. There are, of course, no GPS or mobile applications based on supply and because your TV is not a large touch screen blond (if it is, a bit of luck), then most applications will not work based contact . So that's most of them.

But the big G has promised that "50 developers have sown the market with interesting and useful applications for TV" and is "excited to see the growing number of applications."

The new version has a simpler user interface with customizable Home screen, designed to be "similar to your Android phone or a tablet."

Search has also improved with the addition of "live TV, Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, and more" and there is a new search option than 80,000 film and television movies through cable or satellite, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and so on. The YouTube app has had a spring (and autumn) were also clean.

Describes the first version of Google TV as a success, it would be a complete lie. And while not exactly a car accident no, it was like hitting the curb and going over the handlebars of a bicycle drive. It is not pleasant, but recovered.

At least the company is aware of this, however. "The initial version of Google TV was not perfect, but the shot that gave us the opportunity to learn," he said. "These are still early days, and are working hard to get on with each update."

Still no word in the UK, although the launch.
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