Study: Download The Application to Reach 48 million by 2015

Consumer preference for touchscreen devices is one of the factors contributing to a steady increase in consumption over the next years application.

The smartphone market is expected to continue booming in the next four years and, as expected, these devices will be filled with a growing array of downloaded applications. By 2015, the market research firm In-Stat expects application downloads to approach 48 billion eclipse. That's a healthy number of applications a market increasingly crowded.

Yesterday, during the Developers Conference World Wide (WWDC), Apple announced that it currently has about 425,000 applications available through its iTunes App Store. According to Apple, more than 14 billion iOS applications have been downloaded from the App Store launched three years ago. Google's Android Market currently has about 200. 000 applications available and has accumulated some 4.5 million downloads. In-Stat expects smartphones to 45 percent of all mobile phone shipments in 2015, over 23 percent of shipments today.

The growing popularity of touchscreen devices and more sophisticated applications are two factors that are expected to feed the fever of downloading the application in the coming years. According to In-Stat, touch screens will be presented in 90 percent of smartphones that are distributed during 2011 and that figure could reach 100 percent in the near future.

"The prevalence of the touch screen mobile phone is a significant impact on the mobile applications market," said Amy Cravens, principal analyst at In-Stat. "The projected rapid penetration of the touch screen enabled devices will allow more users to easily interact with mobile applications, thereby promoting growth. Increased memory capacity on board also lead to a better user experience."

While Research In Motion, Nokia and Microsoft also have their own application portals, IOS and Android users are more likely to download more applications than users of other mobile operating systems.
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