10 features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich - 1

It's here! Android 4.0, code-named ice cream sandwich, it was announced late Tuesday by Google and Samsung in a press conference in Hong Kong. The first phone to run Android Samsung Galaxy 4 is the Nexus, which will be available next month. But the good news is that the SDK is now available in Android's web site for developers. Let's look at the most important features of the new operating system.

As usual, let's break this in the user-oriented features and developer-oriented features. First, the user key features:
  1. The new coherent picture. Matias Duarte Designer (ex WebOS designer) says: "While people like and need to Android, Android did not love." So they gave the user interface for a high background check to be "charming, easy and powerful." New widgets, new gestures, context-sensitive bar action, more intuitive commands - these are just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who had complained about Android not have the level of polish or ease of use and other Android mobile operating system should give four fresh look.
  2. Source of the new system. Android sports a face four new type called "Robot", which was designed especially for high resolution displays like the one found in the Galaxy Nexus. Putting a new emphasis on typography, Duarte is taking a page from Steve Jobs, who credited a college calligraphy class, audited by the great text for the Mac and iPhone. Roboto is part of a journal as the refurbishment of many of the redesigned Android applications, which now have "big bold images with headlines giants."
  3. The screen shots. Hold down the power and volume down buttons to capture a screenshot of the running application. The image appears in your gallery. I know this sounds like a minor thing but painfully lost in stock Android.
  4. Improvements to the home screen. The main screen of Android has a lot of love in Android 4. The new phone features include resizable widgets with batteries and the displacement of more complete information at your fingertips. Other new features include the ability to create a folder by dragging an icon on top of another, and a customizable quick action bar at the bottom of the screen. You can press a button on any screen to see the latest applications and go to the party's closure. There is nothing really revolutionary here, and the influences of TouchWiz and IOS and other systems are obvious, but the combination of all features and improvements for Android will do little more accessible to new users.
  5. Instant voice. In Android 2.x, 3.x, and IOS 5, press a button to start recording, say what you have to say, and when you stop talking on the phone sends the complete recording of the cloud. Servers in the cloud to chew for a while and then send the text or commands back to your phone. 4 Android gets rid of most of the delays with an interesting feature called voice instantly. Now press the button and start talking and the text begins to appear while talking.
There are dozens of other great features Android-4, but those are my favorites. Others include notifications, better keyboard, face recognition to unlock (although that did not work so well in the demo), notifications of reading the Lock screen, and more.

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