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The development of smartphones, Tablet PC, Mobile Android longer growing rapidly, so did Google develop Google Voice premises, from year to year to improve this application. From the title of course, we ask how to perform telephone communication using google that we already know is search famous engines in the World. Google offers a service call via the internet or voice over internet protocol service via google voice. This application provides a means of voice communication (voice) high quality, cheap price-based internet for all the people in various parts of the world.

History of Google Voice
Originally established in central progression in 2005, by Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet by establishing Minor Ventures and bought by Google in December 2007 for U.S.$ 95 million, led by Wesley Chan. Google also began releasing information about the project. In 2009, the management team has been working on google stating these projects during the period long enough and changed his name to "google voice" as well as introducing new features.It includes voicemail transcription and managing SMS.

Google Voice Features
Google's voice will give a single number for all of your phone. When registering, you will get one phone number. After that, enter all the phone numbers you have, such as mobile number, work phone and home phone. In this way, any calls from any numbers will be entered into the phone.

The service also has many features that are quite easily activated. Especially if you already have a google account. Voice messages will be as easy as we use e-mail, and many special features such as call blocking and screening, centralized voicemail, automated voicemail transcription, call conferencing, international calls, the ability to switch while continuing conversations, call recording and many more are from some of them will described below. Then to just info, the service voice service google voice is the voice of actress Laurie Burke. Burke had recorded his voice for this service from initial service in the center of development and continues to record his voice for this company when it was popular.

The first service, call blocking and screening, is a feature that lets users set up to accept only certain calls or selecting (screening) call by checking the identity of the caller first. Another capability of this service is to store voice messages, send a short message, and received or call several calls at once.

The advantage of this service is able to combine all phones under one number, and can receive multiple calls at once. However, this service also has a weakness, especially in terms of privacy, namely any information telephone number and the conversation will be recorded by Google.

Here are the full features of Google Voice:
- Call screening, caller commemorate and detect
- Listen in, listen before deciding to accept it
- Block call, block unwanted callers
- SMS, send, receive and store SMS
- Place calls, free calls within the U.S. dank e Canada
- Taking calls, received from various telephone numbers that you have
- Phone routing, telephone will ring according to who's calling
- Forwarding phones, add our phone number and decided tone ringer addition to telephone,  
Voice mail feature is also a flagship, the following features:
- Transcripts voicemails, to read your voice mail
- Listen to voicemail, biased with an online or from telephone
- Notifications, receive voice messages from your e-mail or SMS
- Personalized greeting, you can set the greeting that will be spoken caller
- Share voicemail, forward and download voice mail

Google voice also supports features that are configured with other media:
- Conference calling, to include a person on a single call
- Call record, can record calls and store them online
- Call switch, switch, replace the call with another call when the call took place
- Mobile apps, to try an application for Blackberry and Android
- Mobile site, see the inbox of mobile phone
- GOOG-411, check directory assistance
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