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New Browser From Team Mozilla Firefox for the Android Smartphone has been released, Mozilla Firefox 4 Android and Maemo  has been deployed  in the browser  maker  website. Application makes the release candidate beta version to the final version in just one week. According to Tim Mozilla, Firefox 4 to three times faster than WebKit-based browser available on all Android smartphone. JavaScript engine includes an additional increase to the Trace Monkey JIT and Spider Monkey interpreter that makes Web pages load faster.
In addition, the mobile browser is built on the same technology platform with the desktop version. However, this application does not support Flash at launch. As expected, Firefox 4 supports multi-tab browsing, as well as additional add on. In addition, improving existing features such as CSS, Canvas and SVG, enabling developers to create feature-rich web pages.
HTML5 support in Mozilla Firefox Android for browsing with the introduction of Android, including location, orientation devices, accelerometer and desktop notification. Another interesting feature offered by Firefox 4 is the option to synchronize with your desktop computer Android phone. With Firefox Sync, users will have access to browsing history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data on multiple computers and mobile devices with secure encryption to end.

Another important feature of mobile browsers include: the ability to save any web page to PDF, to share any website through applications such as email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and more, as well as the possibility to customize your own search engine listings. Firefox 4 is available for download from Android Market and is compatible with all devices running Android OS 2.0 or later If you are interested please download here
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