Angry Birds Android

Angry Birds are one of the most popular game for the iPhone and has created a version for Android. Game  Angry Birds tof Android takes advantage of the Smartphone screen capacitive android used, with controlled how much the position of the fingers are placed. Angry game android Birds tells the story of revenge after the pig stealing their eggs, these games are made with simulated stone thrown to destroy what was created by a pig that has stolen their eggs, pork-rise structures that made many of each level the game and tried to destroy.

How to get bonus points on Angry birds for the android is to destroy all the remaining birds, others if you do not destroy everything and use all your bird is considered failed lap.
Use the unique strengths of each bird to destroy the fortress pigs. Angry Birds Android has 195 levels, require logic, your skills to solve the structure of Pigs. Please play as much.
You can get this application from Android Market, DOWNLOAD HERE
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