How to Save Battery Android

Get tips on how to save battery android yours. Through these tips, you android battery will last longer, so it will feel comfortable while in transit.
Why Android Batteries run out quickly? 
Actually this is reasonable because the Android operating system that runs many applications without us knowing it. Call it a notification of incoming email, facebook or twitter notification that updates in real time, automatic update applications you have installed, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and wi-fi that you often forget to turn off.

Games with 3D graphics with high resolution can also be a reason why we Android batteries quickly drop. But the following smart tips we can try to save battery life you android.
  • Disable Bluetooth connectivity features via the settings menu> Wireless & Networks> Bluetooth and then uncheck the option available.
  • Disable wi-fi connection that is not you use through the settings menu> Wireless & Networks settings> Wi-Fi on the menu and then uncheck (do not check) on the options box on the right.
  • Non-turn vibration or vibrate through the settings menu> Sound & display settings> Phone Vibrate, then do not check (uncheck) the options that exist. In android phone Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, vibration function is on by default will work when we touch the virtual keyboard.
  • Non-Turn GPS feature. If I enable this feature only when they want to take photos through the camera. So when not in use, you should turn off this functionality via the Settings menu> Location & security settings> Use GPS satellites then uncheck the appropriate box on the right
  • Sign out of Facebook, emails and twitter when not needed. Only logged in while it is necessary only
  • Non-Enable applications that run behind the background. The trick is to install the Advanced Task Manager application. The way is easy, just select which application you want to turn off via options tab End Task
  • Reduce the speed of the processor through CPU Set application which you can get through the Android Market. From this you can limit the speed of your processor so that the battery will last longer android
These tips on how to save battery android that may be useful for you. Big thanks to a cool phone for this reference. I use a Sony Ericsson Xperia 8 for tips on how to save battery life try this android and proven effective.
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