Winamp for Android

Winamp for Android
Winamp, one of the most popular media player has now released a mobile version for gadgets with the Android platform. Android now are increasingly popular and almost all software and application developers are now competing to provide applications which support the android, including Winamp.
Finally, also interested in winamp to show its application in the Android world, chances are winamp want to steal a little attention that Android users are still relying on his computer winamp to put on some music and video.

Winamp Media Player for Android Device indeed I think it is also very good as in the computer, let us prove with winamp Could Android equate his position in the computer like Winamp Media Player in general

Winamp for Android has some attractive features, among others:
  1. Synchronize wirelessly with your desktop. 
  2. You can move your music collection in iTunes library directly to Android. 
  3. You can create and manage playlists and queue songs you want played. 
  4. Able to SHOUT cast Radio 
  5. Able to display info such as song title, artist, album, album covers, etc.. 
  6. Having a player controls easy to operate, such as pause, change tracks, play queue manage, and access the home screen winamp. 
  7. Having a player widget that can be placed on your android home screen. 
  8. You can set the player even when the android condition you're in lock-screen. 
  9. Supports scrobbling if you installed the application on android
Download Winamp Media Player for Your Android Device
You can use winamp for this android on your device that has the android platform 2.1. To be able to get Winamp to this android, please visit the following link:

Android Market (Direct access from your Android device)

https: / / / details? id = com.nullsoft.winamp

Winamp site for the Android (Access via your computer)
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