Shake Them All, Live Wallpapers Favorite on Android Phone

Live wallpapers is one of the interesting features brought by Android. Live Wallpapers yourself if interpreted literally means the background image that lives or moves. This image will move to follow the motion sensors, gravity sensors and sound sensors. Every movement, position changes and the incoming sound, the picture will change shape or move to another place.
One provider of the most widely Live Wallpapers Shake Them All interested persons are created by software developers named Yougli. Homemade wallpaper in the form of a moving icon Andorid following sensor detection. Icons will continue to move along the battery still had power to sustain the flow of electricity on Android.
Unlike conventional Android apps, Android users will never find a shortcut on the desktop Live Wallpapers. You can only find it in the Settings menu backgrounds that exist in the Home menu.
 About video here this

The sensitivity of the sensor entrance can also be arranged according to taste. The way into the menu Live Wallpapers, select Shake Them All, and proceed to choose Settings. On this menu there are several options like number of icons droids, droid color, background color, the intensity level of gravity sensors, touch sensors, sound sensors and other settings

These wallpapers can we get on the android market
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