Best Applications For Change Wallpaper on Android

Wallpaper is one small part of a gadget that allows users to add personalization to the gadgets they're taking. Included also in Android, users can easily choose to add or change wallpaper they were wearing.
One way to make your Android remain interesting and not boring is to replace it continuously for a certain period. However, it will be very tiring if you have to replace it manually once every few times so that wallpaper can be changed.
Because of this, several free applications on Android phones present to change the wallpaper to "continue" without having to do it manually. If you are familiar with Windows, you must know that his name webshot desktop, application to replace the wallpaper automatically during a certain period.

Here are some applications you can use to change the wallpaper in Android:

1) Wallpaper Changer
This application is quite simple, you only need to enter the folder where you will use as a wallpaper folder. Make sure the folder contains all the wallpaper file that you have, would be rotated easily.
You have full control with wallpaper, ranging from air-time wallpaper, wallpaper rotation, including usage settings when lock screen wallpaper, when the phone / gadget-charger and much more.One more thing to keep in mind, this application only works on Android version 2.1 and above.

2) Wallpaper Switch

Just as the first application, you have full control over the wallpaper on your Android phone is being held. Starting from the wallpaper settings, display settings to how North manner and changed the wallpaper rotation.

Not much to explain more about the wallpaper setting switches in addition to going to the Android Market, look for applications by keyword Wallpaper Switch and last try for yourself the reliability Wallpaper Switch on your Android phone.

3) Change Wallpaper At

If the third, you might have trouble when looking at the Market because of the keyword "Change Wallpaper At 'any, the application is still not entered at the top. Must do a "scroll" again until the application is found. If you have not found it, use the link already given above to speed up the search process.

Its function is the same as before, to change the wallpaper at regular intervals in accordance with a specified time on the Settings menu. Some other functions like calendar can also be used as a schedule of your daily activities.

No need to explain anything anymore because it would be more interesting if you explore yourself with all the functions that are applied. Go to the Market right now and use the Change At Wallpaper as one of the favorite applications at the Android phone your favorite.


The three above applications you can use to change the wallpaper automatically. You can choose which one is best to use, but do not choose to install all because it will probably get an error (overlapping each other on the application).

Just like other applications on the Android, you will find many applications that function similar to the three above applications. You can experiment with other similar applications by going to the Android Market and the keyword search for "Wallpaper Change".

Happy experimenting. Make Android as your friend at all times!
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