Android 4.0 Platform Highlights, Android for Users

Simple, beautiful, beyond smart
Android 4.0 is based on things people love most about Android - easy to perform multiple tasks, notifications rich, customizable home screens, players of varying size, and deep interactivity - and adds powerful new ways to communicate and share.

Refined, developed the user interface

Focused on bringing the power of the surface Android, Android 4.0 makes common actions more visible and allows users to navigate with simple gestures and intuitive. Refined animations and comments throughout the system to make it attractive and interesting interactions. A completely new font optimized for high resolution displays to improve readability and brings a bright, modern feel to the user interface.

Virtual buttons on the toolbar system allows users to navigate immediately to the bottom, home and recent applications. The system tray and virtual buttons are present in all applications, but can be mitigated by the application of full-screen viewing. Users can access the contextual settings of each application in the action bar at the top (and sometimes on the bottom) of the screen.

Multitasking is a key strength of Android and is even easier and more visual Android 4.0. Recent Applications button allows users to instantly jump from one task to another with the list in the system tray. The list appears to show thumbnails of recently used applications - playing a miniature passed to the application.
Recent Applications list makes multitasking easy.
Go to the camera or view the notifications without unlocking.
For incoming calls, you can respond immediately by the text.

Rich, interactive notifications allow users to stay in constant contact with incoming messages, play music tracks, real-time view of application updates, and much more. In smaller devices the screen, the notifications appear in the top of the screen, while the larger devices screen that appear in the system tray.
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