Live in the Android Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper images that literally means life or motion pictures. In the field of technology, wallpaper is the background image on the screen. In Android, Live Wallpaper interpreted as a background image of Android devices are moving all the time.

Since Android launched, there are several types of live wallpapers to choose a free or paid. Simply visiting Android Market and select the live background image you like. Here's how:

- Connect your Android gadgets to the internet.
- Go to the applications market.
- Select the Apps menu.
- Select Live Wallpaper.

There will be many wallpapers to choose from. Try to choose one and install it on your phone Andora. Wait until the installation.

- After installation, return to the main screen of an Android phone, select the main menu and follow the background screening.
- Next, select the Live Wallpapers. There you will see just installed Live Wallpaper. Choose one and finally select Adjustment Fund.

At the time of the experiment, we used a Dell Streak 7 operating system Android Froyo. The above steps may be slightly different if you use another brand recall Andora an open source operating system that can be modified by anyone, including manufacturers of mobile phones / gadgets that are used today.

Some wallpapers we have tested is the Android Pissing, Galaxy, spectrum, VU meter, Shake Them All Live (which is equipped with motion sensors and sensor noise) waveform and many more. Bagiamana with you? Any collection of wallpaper that you live?
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