Samsung Galaxy S II Rilis

At the end of the Workshop on Samsung Galaxy yesterday, we took time to do a short preview of Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S II. For your own design, the most striking difference with the Galaxy S is the rear chassis that uses jagged doff materials, such as casing material on the back of the Samsung Ace and Galaxy Galaxy Gio. It seems like this material will be characteristic of Samsung phones. With jagged material like this, the phone becomes more impressive form exclusively, and not slippery when compared to the glossy material. From shape alone, does not differ much with the Galaxy S, only more pointed it at various angles and are thinner. The phone feels very wide, this is because the 4.3-inch wide screen that is used.

The user interface is somewhat different from most of the Galaxy lineup Samsung TouchWiz UI nowusing 3.0, because the Galaxy S II is already using the latest version of TouchWiz 4.0. This new look is more nice views with different letters. Inter face also went smoothly, no lag at all while shifting the homescreen, scrolling in the browser and so forth. If there is only the first S Galaxy SocialHubs, so now there are 4 hubs of Music Hubs, Readers and Game Hub Hub Hub Social accompany pre-existing. Super Screen Amoled Plus is no doubt, extraordinary, very clear, with contrast and color saturation are very good, not to mention the size is getting bigger than the previous S Galaxy.
To Multitouch, the maximum could receive 10 touches at the same time, which would be very useful for playing games. Benchmark Standard Quadrant reached 2450, while for 3D rendering rate achieved was 53 frames per second. Please note that we only benchmark one-time opportunity for a very short time given. Other applications are still running in the background. Galaxy S II mobile phone use is still a prototype.
With total sales of more than 10 million units, Samsung Galaxy S is the most successful high-end Android phones so far. To continue kesukesan it, Samsung will soon launch its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S II, as well as to rival LG Optimus Big who is also newly released. Despite going through a lawsuit with Apple, Samsung did not seem too concerned and launched the Galaxy S II for the first time in South Korea. Samsung is targeting the Galaxy S II will be sold at least 10 million units worldwide and is expected to close mobile phone vendor Nokia's position as number 1.

 Samsung Galaxy S II will follow later published worldwide in the coming month of May in 120 countries through 140 operators. Samsung hopes to use his homemade dual-core processor itself will help to reduce the cost of handsets and raise the profit margin of the galaxy S II.
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