Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung has stated the seriousness of the tablet with Android gadget will launch Samsung Galaxy Tab. Tablets Android sized 7-inch 1.2 GHz processor will carry the Android operating system 2.2 "Froyo". Although Samsung Galaxy S is expected to be released soon, but it echoes an increasingly Samsung Android tablet Santer also not less powerful.

One of the trusted sites of Vietnam, Tinh te, confirmed that Android 2.2 (Froyo) in the Galaxy Tablet will invade the market with 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 processor. Rumors say that this gadget is an Android-based Tablet future of the most promising with a touch of atmosphere to date.

Galaxy Tab interface that carries the S Life UI is similar to the Touch Wiz with widgets class "S" is added into it, for those of you who like the styling Life S contained in S Galaxy Android, you will definitely be amazed by the view S Life UI.

Galaxy reportedly Tablet will be released in various sizes ie, variant 7, 8, 10 inches. Although supported by the latest software and fast processors, a breakthrough unfortunately this gadget will not be enhanced with support for Super AMOLED screen.

If the release this year, an estimated Galaxy 7-inch Tab variants will be mainsteam than other variants on the basis of comparative size, weight and price of variants with a larger size.
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