Motorola Mobility performance problems the Android

The Motorola Mobility made ​​chills and accused the Android Market application store as a cause of performance issues that occur in a number of phones based on Android.
According to them, 70 percent returned the Motorola Android phone due to consumer mobile applications that affect performance. It revealed the Motorola in his presentation at the conference of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Technology, on Tuesday.
Indeed, unlike other applications store, Android Market very open, allowing anyone to upload the application. Although Google will remove malicious applications that are proven, there is no mechanism that ensures that applications can run properly. Where all of it related to power consumption and CPU usage, applications were not tested in advance.

In order to anticipate problems that wasteful power consumption mobile phone, Motorola introduced its Motoblur applications, programs that bias integrate social networking users to stay connected and bring all live users via mobile phones. This gives users an interactive experience, by establishing relevant contacts updates and so on. Addition, this application could provide any information applications that will consume the phone. After obtaining that information, the user can decide to continue the operation of the application or not at all.
According to the data source, there are now approximately 10 million users who have applications Motoblur Motorola.
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