Motorola Defy (MB525) Best Android

Motorola Defy Android phone is a black matte finish, comes with a plastic material that is claimed to be scratch-resistant and resistant to dust and water splash. This phone is also equipped with the Android operating system 2.1 with the processor cortex A-8-powered 800MHz, which is expected to be able to help the user when to process data from Eclair system that can be upgraded to version v.2.2 froyo.

Motorola Defy (MB525) User Interface

Motorola Defy operating system is not so different from other Android phones, are still only version 2.1 (Eclair). But the function of hardware owned this phone has its own advantages than any other smartphone products, such as resistance to water, scratch-resistant anti-dust also makes Defy has value to you that often had a little accident on the phone.

With a screen measuring 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen wrapped with Corning Gorilla glass, making it look clear and strong against impact scratches other objects. Plus four access buttons pinned on the front, facilitating users to directly accelerate the system. You can access the menu by pressing the button with the icon 4 boxes while to get back to the homescreen can press her button-icon home. But what's interesting is the direct access buttons for search, because it is not only looking at the phone's memory but also through the Internet network.


Motorola Defy pinned noise-canceling feature, known as the Crystal Talk Plus. With two microphone functions are capable of filtering the noise around the mobile phone so the noise can be muted. Which makes their impact more quiet conversation so that you no longer bothered to find a quiet place just to muffle the noise around.

No less interesting than this is a waterproof phone that has HSDPA data connection and 3G support. In addition, the messaging facility can be done via SMS, MMS, Email, and Social Network. Andoird operating system on this phone is also able to synchronize data with your Gmail account owned. Meanwhile, to meet the socialization needs of the virtual world, Motorola Defy complete with applications for Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace as well YahooChat.

How To Motorola Defy Make A Call?
- Always be on the homescreen menu screen, or direct access by pressing the home icon
- Press the virtual air-green phone icon on the bottom row of the screen
- It would appear a virtual numeric keys, complete with a shortcut call log, phonebook, and the favorite at the upper edge
- On the top there is the icon to view the call history, phone book, and favorite contacts numbers
- Options end call, mute, speakerphone, keypad, and add call appear when you make the call, and the bluetooth headset will be active if the first switch on the bluetooth menu
- When making a call, you can access another menu by pressing the Home button or the third button from the left beneath the screen

How to Motorola Defy Synchronize with Google Account?

- Click on Gmail on the main menu to enter your Google account on the phone
- Press Create to create a new account, If you do not have a Google account, but if it already exists then you can simply press the Sign in
- Enter the user name and password, and press Sign in
- The Google application will synchronize the data, press finish setup to finish this process
- When finished, then you will enter your Gmail account and email inboxes that have entered will be directly displayed in the inbox list
If you open the other Google applications such as Gtalk, then you automatically are logged in using this account
Quality camera embedded in Motorola Defy feels very satisfying. Features autofocus and LED lights, as the addition of light can be helpful when users take pictures in low light. Capacity 5MP camera with a resolution of 2592x 1944 pixels, also equipped with features such as the effect of black and white, negative, sepia, solarise, red tint, green tint, blue tint.
Camera Settings
- Picture resolution (Large, medium, small, very small)
- Capture
- Review time
- Scene
- Effect (Normal, black and white, negative, sepia, solarise, red tint, green tint, blue tint)
- Flash

- Video resolution (VGA Large, Large CIF, QVGA Medium, Small QCIF)
- Scheme
- Light on / off
- Exposure (-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3)

 Video quality
- Youtube (High, Low)
- MMS High (30m)

Defy has Wi-Fi functionality already supported DLNA, you can enjoy or share media files with friends. DLNA technology embedded in mobile phones, is so cell phones can share media files with Wi-Fi connectivity. Includes stuffed thetering function, thereby allowing mobile phones with 3G access is used as a mobile hotspot that can be connected to 5 devices at once. But be sure when the phone is used as a mobile hotspot, the phone must be close to the source listirik and charger to be as fast to dole power when needed.

How to Motorola Defy make Hotspot?
- From the main menu, select Settings menu
- Then go to the menu & Wireless Networks
- Then select the mobile network
- Then enable internet tethering
- Specify the SSID network name, and type of security, whether open or WPA2 PSK. To be more secure you should use WPA2 PSK, and enter the desired password.
- The hotspot network is ready for use by any other electronic devices, like laptops or cell phones
 During a hotspot modems, cell phones can still be used to make phone calls or receive calls
How to Motorola Defy share files with DLNA Media?
- Make sure the device to share files with DLNA support as well as well (Monitor, Consol Game, PC)
- Turn on the wifi function on any device
- After the Wifi on, select Media Share on the main menu on the Motorola Defy
- Check the connection menu notifcation
- Then click the start menu to find options that will be shared device (computer, phone, TV, video game consol)
- After a device is selected it will reenter the option to specify whether you want to Share files, synchronize, copied or played back to be enjoyed simultaneously.

Motorola Defy has a size large enough LCD with a size of 3.7 inches. With the effects of Corning Gorilla glass for the display is clear and scratch resistant, allowing you to view the video, whether from youtube or streaming, freely up to HD quality. As for radio frequency broadcast to Defy capable of reaching a regional scope.

Multimedia Faq
- The screen is capacitive and bright
- Security of mobile physical strong and water resistant
- The resulting sound is quite satisfactory waau switched on at low volume though
- For the pictures and videos can be directly uploaded into social networking sites and Gmail, Picassa, and Twitter
- Must be plugged headet first to listen to Radio
- Video quality is supporting HD up to 720p
- Image editor for adding text effects and frames can also be directly used when shooting direct
- Application youtube already included on this phone
- The function can be maximized less teathring
- Batteries are not durable
- Mobile phones already supported premises that support 3G networks

How To Motorola Defy Use YouTube
- To play a video on Youtube needs to access data, make sure the GPRS settings are correct or it could be Wi-Fi channels mmanfaatkan
- On the main menu press the YouTube logo to directly access the
- On the top row there are two virtual menu buttons, the logo button to upload a video camera directly from the camera and the magnifying glass icon to search video
- Below the second virtual button is a list of the most frequently viewed videos, followed by a list of the most frequently discussed, and a list of videos with the highest rating
- Click on any of the video to play, on-screen virtual keypad will appear to rewind, pause and forward
- If you want to search videos in YouTube, tap the virtual keys on the top right corner of the search, then enter the key word.
- When the menu button bearing the 4 pieces you press box, the screen will provide a caption option, details, rate, favorite, share and more menu consisting of comments, flag and return to the home.
In supporting the performance of mobile phones, Defy use of the cortex-A8 processor-powered 800MHz using TI-OMAP3610 chipset. For the internal memory capacity is given a big reach 2GB with 512 MB of RAM allocated for the reading to be able to sustain the system Android Eclair 2.1. And if the memory capacity of storage is less, you can add an external memory via micro SD type, which is capable of reading up to 32GB capacities.

Motorola Defy rely on Android Market, as a medium for users to add Android-based applications that can be downloaded directly into the phone. Including the operating system that is still at the Eclair version can be upgraded to version 2.2 froyo.

In addition to the application of social networking sites that have been fixed, there are few applications that is quite helpful during that journey by using google maps as navigation direction to help provide a solution or the wrong road congestion.
Technical Specification

Capacitive Screen 3.7-inch TFT touchscreen
Dimension 107x 59x 13.4 mm, 118 grams
Storage 2 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, micro SD slot up to 32Gb
HSDPA connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro USB
Camera 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Media FM radio, Music Identification
System 800MHz Cortex-A8 processor, Android 2.1
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